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International Journal of Social Science and Education Research

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

Metaphysical arguments


Dr. Shambhu Dutt Jha


As reasonable beliefs are logically justifiable, they stand a better chance of being true, Metaphysicians, interested in truth, reality or existence, do not just assert their positions. They attempt to make them reasonable by giving arguments in their support and giving proofs for their conclusions. It is by virtue of the logical structure and logical validity that metaphysical theories are distinguished from mere intuitive and unformulated insights into reality. It is the metaphysician's attempt to give a proof for his conclusion, to show by logical argument, that such-and-such must be so that distinguishes the metaphysicians from the mystics and the moralists. Metaphysics, therefore, proceeds through the process of arguments and counter-arguments. Though all disciplines depend on reasoning or argument even to some extent, logical reasoning plays an especially prominent role in philosophical discipline, whose one vital part is meta- physics. The explanation for this is that philosophy strives to answer such basic and fundamental questions that it is difficult to find any specific empirical facts to resolve the issue when two people disagree about some philosophical matter, the only avenue of progress open to them is to consider and evaluate the arguments of both sides.

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International Journal of Social Science and Education Research
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Dr. Shambhu Dutt Jha. Metaphysical arguments. Int. J. Social Sci. Educ. Res. 2020;2(1):34-37. DOI: 10.33545/26649845.2020.v2.i1a.67
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