International Journal of Social Science and Education Research

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

The dishonored mother: The case of history teaching in Zambia


Simakando Silongwa

This study aimed at assessing the value of teaching history in Primary and Secondary schools in Zambia. The study has been necessitated by some debates by different people from different sections of the Zambian society who have question the need for teaching history in Zambia. Many are the people who have expressed their views that history teaching is not necessary because it has no value to the learners and the society at large. Among the people that have questioned the teaching of history are senior government officials, politicians, parents, teachers and others. Some questions raised about the teaching of history in Zambian schools are as follow; What does learning about the assegai or cow’s horn formation benefit the learners? Why should learners waste their time listening to stories about the evolution of man? Is it necessary to learn about past stories when the world is progressing forward? These and others are some of the questions people who feel history teaching is not necessary ask. It is from the ignorance exhibited by some people on the value of history teaching that this study was done. This article argues that history is very cardinal because it trains pupils to become good future citizens and leaders of Zambia. Moreover, the moral value of history cannot be overemphasized. History is also necessary because it is the mother of all subjects. However, despite being the mother of all subjects, history has suffered serious setbacks such that its children (other subjects) are considered to be more important than the mother. Therefore, despite being a ‘dishonored mother’, history still remains the mother of all subjects.

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