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International Journal of Social Science and Education Research

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part C (2024)

Nature in Nazik Al-Malaika's poetry


Ahlam Jaheed Ali


The poetry of Nazik Al-Malaika demonstrates a profound connection with nature, using it as a medium to express deep emotional and philosophical reflections. This study explores the thematic elements of nature in Al-Malaika's poetry, examining how she employs natural imagery and symbolism to convey complex human experiences and sentiments. The analysis reveals that Al-Malaika utilizes nature not only as a backdrop but also as an active participant in her poetic narratives. Her work often personifies natural elements, imbuing them with human emotions and characteristics, which allows for a richer, more nuanced expression of her inner world. This study provides a detailed examination of specific poems to illustrate Al-Malaika's techniques and thematic concerns, highlighting her unique contribution to modern Arabic literature through her innovative use of nature. The findings suggest that Al-Malaika’s poetry offers a distinct blend of traditional and modern elements, making her work a valuable subject for further literary analysis.

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International Journal of Social Science and Education Research
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Ahlam Jaheed Ali. Nature in Nazik Al-Malaika's poetry. Int. J. Social Sci. Educ. Res. 2024;6(1):206-215. DOI: 10.33545/26649845.2024.v6.i1c.106
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